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We help our clients understand the difference and meaning between different types of life insurance and how each can be of value to you so you can then make a reasonable informed decision. Some types of life insurance are mostly of value by covering something with a known amount and a known length of time, like a mortgage. A term policy is great for doing just that, however, it is not a good option if you want it to grow in value over time or use it while still living to purchase a home, a car, or as part of retirement planning. Indexed Universal life policies are great for using while you are still living and will grow in value over time, but it is not volatile like playing the market or like a variable product that will rise and drop with the market. Indexed universal life products are very flexible. They have a floor of at least 0% that they cannot drop below and also a ceiling they cannot rise above, which makes them a very safe investment with the ability to grow over time, they are a wonderful opportunity to start a young adult's strong financial future and also a great way to plan on college expenses! If you know for a fact you need 100,000.00 for a ten or fifteen year mortgage term is what you need to cover the mortgage. If you want to ensure your loved ones a death benefit whole life or universal life is what you need. If you want to plan for a stream of income in retirement then indexed universal life and / or an annuity is what you need.